Hunting and Fishing

"Deliberate cruelty to our defenseless and beautiful little cousins is surely one of the meanest and most detestable vices of which a human being can be guilty."   --William Ralph Inge

NY Lawmakers to Consider Reinstating Snare-Type Traps, Previously Outlawed as Both Ineffective and Inhumane

Bizarro On Trophy Hunting

Ricky Gervais Takes a Shot at Hunters

35,000 Elephants Killed Yearly for Tusks:  U.S. Needs Tighter Ban on Ivory

When Police Refuse to Enforce Fox Hunting Ban, Hunt Saboteurs Take Action

Rhino Survives Brutal Dehorning by Poachers

Edita Birnkrant, Friends of Animals, on Hunting Contests:  "We Want an End to Hunters Invading the Woods and Blasting Away at Wildlife and Then Being Rewarded For It"

Gray Wolf Travels More Than 500 Miles from Wyoming, Then Gets Shot by Hunter in Utah

Rhino Horn Trafficking Surges Out of Control

In Spite of Its Link to Chronic Wasting Disease, Deer Farming for Hunters Has Grown Rapidly Around the Country

Minnesota Hunter Shoots, Kills Family Pet

Michigan Voters Reject Wolf Hunts

$6250 Reward Offered in Hollister, CA Shooting of Great Blue Heron

Though Consumption of Animal Products is Known to be Both Unhealthy and Unethical, NRA Pushes to Enshrine Hunting and Fishing as Constitutional Rights

Pennsylvania State House Fails to Vote on Bill to Ban Pigeon Shoots

Pennsylvania Senate Votes Overwhelmingly to End Live Pigeon Shoots

Maine is the Only State that Allows Bear Hunting with Dogs, Bait, and Traps, But a Referendum Backed by HSUS Challenges These Brutalities

Worried About Diminishing Tolerance for Their Sadistic Sport, Mississippi Hunters Seek Constitutional Right to Kill

$5000 Reward Offered in Shooting of Seven Pelicans at Lovewell Reservoir

Fish Are Not the Only Victims of Fishing Gear

Wildlife Viewers, Kayakers, Campers, Birdwatchers, Hikers, and Wildlife Photographers Outnumber Maine "Sportsmen" by 5-to-1 Yet Wildlife Decisions Are Made By the State's Hunting Lobby

Rod Coronado and the Yellowstone Wolf Patrol Use Video to Track Montana Wolf Hunters

European Union, US, Australia, Brazil, Israel, New Zealand, Mexico, and Monaco Call On Iceland to End Commercial Whaling

Rep. Peter DeFazio Introduces Legislation to Curb Illegal Ivory Trafficking Which Killed 40,000 Elephants in 2013 Alone While Funding Terrorists and Organized Crime

Wildlife Traps Are Indiscriminate, Catching Anything That Triggers Them, Whether Rabbits, Birds, Mountain Lions, or Domestic Pets, Often Resulting in a Gruesome Ordeal of Mutilation, Starvation and Death

Badger Baiters Train Dogs to Kill By Setting Them on Fox Cubs and Other Small Animals

Winning the Case Against a Coyote Killing Contest

Rising Fur Prices Bring Jump in Inadvertent Trapping of Nontargeted Animals in Idaho, Including Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Squirrels, and Skunks

Captive Deer Hunting Industry, Linked to Spread of Disease, Hires PR Hacks to Fight Preventative Legislation

Texas Tech Cheerleader and Animal Serial Killer Kendall Jones Leaves Trails of Blood Throughout Africa

Pennsylvania Senate Committee Says Pigeon Shoots are Animal Cruelty

Fish and Fish Oil Are Not Health Foods

NRA Lobbies in Support of Pennsylvania Live Pigeon Shoots, a Perverted Spectacle in Which Thousands of Birds Are Killed and Little Boys Twist Off the Heads of the Wounded

Captive Deer Industry:  Wealthy Celebrities, CEOs, Country Music Stars, Football Players Pay Large Sums to Shoot Deer in Killing Pens

"Extreme Huntress" Proves the Celebration of Animal Death in the Service of Human Ego is Not for Men Only

Sadistic Hunter Calls Hunting Dogs to Attack Wounded Coyote

Philadelphia Gun Club Sues SHARK and its Staff for Protesting Pigeon Shoots

Bob Barker On Pennsylvania's Shame

Hunters Speak Out in Their Own Illiterate Words

WTO Upholds Seal Products Ban on Moral Grounds

European Union Proposes to Ban All Use of Drift Nets, Which Indiscriminately Trap and Kill Thousands of Marine Animals

Missouri Deer Breeders (Yes These Operations Actually Breed Deer for Hunting) Fret Over the Cost of New Regulations to Control Chronic Wasting Disease

There Are No Words to Describe the Cruelty of Trapping Yet We Allow Hunters and Trappers, a Small Minority of the Population, to Render Us Completely Powerless

Fishing and Sadism:  "Though Not So Good for Eating ... Shad are Popular with Fishermen Because They Put Up Such a Good Fight, Anglers Said"

The Seeds of Ruthlessness Planted While Hunting with his Father Turned Jeffrey Dahmer into a Sadist Who Would Claim 17 Lives

It's Time to Outlaw Wildlife Killing Contests

34 Countries Have Banned Imported Seal Products, Effectively Shutting Down International Markets, but the Canadian Seal Hunt Still Limps Along on Government Subsidies

Rhino Poaching Crisis in South Africa Threatens to Drive the Species into Extinction

U.S. Temporarily Bans Import of Elephant Trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe Where Elephant Populations Are in Catastrophic Decline and U.S. Hunters Outnumber Those from Any Other Nation

Every Year Thousands of Marine Mammals Drown in Abandoned Fishing Gear.  Here's One Who Survived Thanks to a Family's Intervention

Combining Animal Abuse with Child Abuse, the "Crow Down" is a Hunting Contest Where Both Adults and Children Slaughter as Many Crows as They Can in Two Days

Bottlenose Dolphin Caught in Fishing Line Approaches Scuba Diver for Help

Incompetence, Cowardice Prevail as Mendocino County, CA, Board Caves In to Animal Abusers

Usual Crowd of Brain-Dead Bullies Aims to Reinstate Illegal Use of Hounds to Hunt Bears and Bobcats for Sport in California

Spanish Hunters:  Cruelty Beyond Belief (Warning:  Ghastly Photos)

Hunter Rides Wounded Deer Like a Sled; Contact Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment or the RCMP if You Can Help Identify this Person

For Every Animal a Hunter Kills and Recovers, He Wounds at Least Two Others who Die Slowly and Painfully

Fish Feel Pain

Dallas Safari Club Plans to Auction a Hunting License for an African Black Rhino, Already Highly Endangered due to Hunting and Poaching

TV's Hardcore Huntress Melissa Bachman Guns Down African Wildlife for Sport

55% of All Animals Hit by Bow Hunters Die a Slow, Lingering Death

Hunting for Euphemisms:  How We Trick Ourselves to Excuse Killing

NRA Gun Lobbyist Tony Makris Shoots Elephant in Face on NBC Sports

PETA Plans "Payback" Billboard after Elk Hunter is Gored

In Another Trademark Puff Piece for Local Animal Abusers, the Santa Rosa, CA, Press Democrat Hypes Bow Hunters for "Thinning the Herds" when Humans, not Deer or Pigs, are the Most Invasive, Overpopulated and Environmentally Destructive Species on Earth

Tuolumne County D.A. and California Attorney General Urged to Prosecute Hunter whose Illegal Campfire Caused the State's Third Largest Wildfire, Killing and Maiming Millions of Animals

Hunter Causes One of Largest Wildfires in California History (the Largest, in 2003, was Also Caused by a Hunter)

Pennsylvania Authorities Ignore Massive, Illegal Four-Day Live Pigeon Shoot at Wing Pointe Canned Hunt Club in Berks County

Florida Judge Terry Terrell Sentences Multiple Animal Abuser Roger Legrande Kervin to Only 90 Days and Probation Despite Prior Conviction for Animal Baiting and Fighting

Since Dogfighting is a Felony throughout the U.S., Why are Penning, Chasing, and Pack Hunting of Wildlife Still Legal?

Costa Rica Bans all Sport Hunting, Botswana Outlaws Trophy Hunting on Public Lands, Zambia Bans Hunting of Leopards and Lions

Parallels Between Trophy Hunting and Serial Killing

NRA Board Member and Infamous Animal Abuser Ted Nugent Claims He'll be "Dead or in Jail" if Obama Wins Reelection but, Regrettably, is Neither

In Another Case Highlighting the USDA Wildlife Service's Culture of Disregard for Animals, Federal Trapper Russell Files Admits Setting Steel-Jawed Leghold Traps to Capture Neighbor's Dog, Found Covered in Blood and Missing 17 Teeth

Connoisseurs of Death:  Hunter Rick Bass and Book Reviewer Michal Strutin Savor the Joys of Bloodletting

Tell AFAR Magazine to Stop Glorifying Fur Trapping

Bow Hunters Myles Ehret and William Francis Draw Felony Charges (and Outrage from Warren, MI Mayor Jim Fouts) for Illegally Killing Tame Deer

Young Buck Seen Walking near Summerfield Road in Santa Rosa, CA, with Crossbow Arrow Through its Face: If Spotted, Please Email flyingdogs@

Rather than Shoot Animals with Guns, Hunter Decides to Shoot Animal Abusers with Cameras

Jackson Landers Hunts Invasive Species for Fun and Profit but Neglects the Most Invasive of All--Personified by Landers Himself and Stephanie Klose, Reviewer of His Book [Click and Scroll Down]

Each Year in Virginia, Thousands of Foxes are Trapped and Placed in Pens Where They are Maimed and Killed for Sport by Hunting Dogs

Evil Incarnate:  Fox Hunting, Hare Coursing and Dig-Outs

Over 40% of Fisheries Have Crashed or Are Overfished, Destroying Ecosystems While Causing Horrific Animal Abuse

Franklin dela Cruz Teaches Teenagers to Torture a Pig with Dogs and Gets Off with Misdemeanor $200 Fine

California Legislature Sends Animal Protection Bills to Gov. Brown

Moratorium on Trophy Hunters' Use of Radio Equipped Hound Dogs to Chase Bears and Bobcats for Miles Until They Are Exhausted or Cornered Passes California Assembly Committee
Like Sarah Palin, Lili Raff McCaulou Proves That With Just a Rifle and Some Suitably Unarmed Victims, Women Can Be Ignorant Bullies Too!

Sorry, Abuse Is Not OK Because It's "Traditional"

Convicted of Animal Cruelty in Grisly Killing of Bobcat, Corey Robinson Challenges Constitutionality of State's Cruelty Statute

Randall Carl Found Guilty in Same Incident

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, DA Refuses to Prosecute Pigeon Killers and Maimers

Stupidity on Steroids:  Amidst a Profusion of Vegetables, Grains, Nuts and Fruits, "Mindful Carnivore" Tovar Cerulli Seeks Sustenance in Bloodshed and Cholesterol

Priest Blesses Senseless Slaughter

Ted Nugent Takes Plea Deal in Bear Killing

California Fish & Game Chief Circumvents State Law for Canned Hunt