Animals in Laboratories

"The problem is that [animal research] hasn't worked ...  We need to refocus and adapt new methodologies for use in humans to understand biology in humans."   -- Former NIH Director Dr. Elias Zerhouni

Mobile Billboard Protests University of Wisconsin's Secretive Torture Tests on Baby Monkeys

Court Ruling Suggests Chimpanzees Held Captive in Laboratories Could Potentially be "Legal Persons" with the Right to Live Their Lives Outside of  Cages

Heroic Middle School Teens Educate Consumers on Animal Testing of Cosmetics

Alarming Increase in Animal "Research" Despite the Fact that Experiments on Animals Cannot be Extrapolated to Humans

How Animal Experiments Paved the Way for Similar Assaults on Humans

"About 99% of Animals Used in Research Are Not Protected by Federal Legislation and Are Routinely Subjected to Horrific Abuse" --Marc Bekoff

Two Monkeys Die by "Accidental Strangulation" at Johns Hopkins, Rabbit Perishes When Left in Cage Sent for Cleaning

South Korea to Ban Use of Animals for Cosmetic Testing

Members of Congress Question the Scientific and Ethical Justification for NIH Lab Experiments Subjecting Baby Monkeys to Fear, Stress, Pain, and Maternal Deprivation

Thirteen Monkeys Die from Overheating After Thermostats Malfunction at Covance Drug Testing Lab in Texas

Internal Records Show Pacific Biolabs Workers Placed Live Rabbit in Freezer

"The United States Must Be a World Leader and Not a Follower" in Banning Cosmetic Testing on Animals:  Rep.-Elect Don Beyer, Virginia

USDA Files Second Complaint Against Santa Cruz Biotechnology for More Than a Dozen Animal Welfare Act Violations

Association of Medical Research Charities Compels Members to Publicly Declare Support for Animal Experimentation

Hendry County, FL Secretly Approves Primate Breeding Facility Without Public Hearing Required by Law

Doctors Protest University of Washington's Use of Live Animals in Invasive Procedures

Harvard Paves Way for Testing Alzheimer's Therapies by Growing Human Neurons in a Dish

India Becomes First Country in South Asia to Ban Import of Cosmetics Tested on Animals

Undercover Investigations by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection Expose the Reality of Life for Lab Animals

ALDF Sues University of Wisconsin Over Taxpayer Funded Maternal Deprivation Experiments on Baby Monkeys

Decades After Harry Harlow's Infamous Maternal Deprivation Studies on Baby Monkeys, Ned Kalin Replicates These Depravities at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Laval University is the Last Medical School in Canada Still Using Animals to Teach Surgical Procedures

Republican Strategist:  "Concern for Animals is Not a Left/Right Issue; It's a Matter of Mercy and Justice"

PETA:  "Awarding People Who Have Spent Decades Inflicting Terrible Pain and Suffering on Countless Animals in Experiments is Contrary to the Otherwise Progressive Values of the Nobel Prize"

University of Washington Board Illegally Reached Consensus on Approval of New Animal Research Facility Prior to Official Public Meeting According to Lawsuit

Laboratory Handling Ebola Cited by USDA for Numerous Animal Welfare Violations

SUNY Upstate Ends Use of Pigs in Training Procedures After PCRM Files Animal Welfare Act Complaint

Why, After Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Spent on ALS Research, Is There Not One Single Effective Treatment or Cure in Sight?

Bullies Like Ned Kalin at the University of Wisconsin Who Perform Abusive and Deadly Experiments on Animals Must Be Stopped, Not Rewarded

Even Though It Has Been Known for Decades that Smoking Causes a Wide Array of Diseases in the Human Body, Tobacco Companies Continue to Conduct Useless and Cruel Experiments on Animals

Taiwan SPCA Urges Government to Follow in the Footsteps of China By No Longer Requiring Animal Tests for Cosmetics

China Cuts Back on Animal Testing of Cosmetics

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Funds Cruel and Useless Animal Research in More Than 150 Laboratories, Squandering Resources That Could Be Used for Ethical Research and Prevention (Return to This Link for Petition)

Lab Chimps See Sun for First Time (Note the Unfettered Ignorance of Commentor Randy Janssen Whose Own Brand of "Maudlin Garbage" Allows Lab Atrocities to Continue)

Vietnam Will No Longer Permit Draize Rabbit Eye Tests for Cosmetics

Who's Behind the Company Breeding 3200 Monkeys in Florida for Animal Experiments?

Activists Protest Animal Abuse at UCLA Laboratories

China Southern Airlines Stops Transporting Primates for Laboratory Experiments After Years of Protests

Federal Inspection Finds UNLV Lab Failed to Use Painkillers, Administered an Unapproved Chemical, Used Another Chemical Improperly, and Failed to Notify the Veterinarian About the Status of Two Pigs which Died a Day or Two After a Procedure

PCRM Targets the Only Pediatrics Training Program in Canada Still Using Animals

Watchdog Group:  NIH Withholds Evidence of Criminal Activity in Animal Laboratories

If Landmark Legislation Passes, U.S. Could Join the European Union, Israel, Norway, and India in Banning Animal Testing of Cosmetics

Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) Introduces Bill to End Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Animal Testing Would Surge under the Proposed "Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act"

Handy Android App Tells You Which Companies are Cruelty-Free

Animal Aid Calls for BBC to End its Pro-Vivisection Propaganda

Animal Legal Defense Fund Successful in Preventing Santa Cruz Biotechnology from Hiding Names of Vested Interests in Laboratory Cruelty Case

India About to Become Second Country after Israel to Ban Animal Testing for Household Products

Lawsuits Fail to Stop PETA from Publicizing Gross Abuse of Monkeys by Covance

"Animal Experiments Don't Represent the Pinnacle of Scientific Achievement, but the Basement" --Neurologist and Public Health Specialist Dr. Aysha Akhtar

Must We Choose between Animals and Humans?  This is Certainly what Those Who Profit from Hurting Animals Would Like Everyone to Believe.  In Fact the Opposite is True

U.S. Laws, Etc. Relating to Animal Experimentation

List of British Health Charities and Their Animal Research Policies:  Support Those That Do Not Conduct or Fund Animal Experimentation

Searchable Database of Cruelty-Free Companies

Thousands of Animals Die in Agony in Secret UK Defense Ministry Tests Exposing Them to Explosives and Poisons

University of California Sued for Withholding Primate Experimentation Records

British Government Still Fails to Act after Imperial College London's Animal Welfare Management is Assessed as Incompetent and Incapable of Preventing Regulatory Breaches from Running Amok

Harvard Medical School Fined for Repeated Animal Welfare Violations

UK "Secrecy Clause" Hides Animal Suffering in Laboratories

Veterinary Student Hannah Kellems will Transfer to another School after HSUS Investigation Reveals Animal Abuse at Georgia Regents University

Plans for Breeding Dogs for Experimentation Rejected by Yorkshire Councillors after 30,000 Sign Petition

Brazil Drug Testing Lab Shuts Down after Activists Free 200 Dogs

Amid Accusations of Animal Mistreatment and Calls for Tougher Anti-Cruelty Penalties, Mayor of Sao Roque, Brazil Orders 60-Day Suspension of Royal Institute's Business License

Rockland Inc. and Santa Cruz Biotech Among Worst Labs for Animal Cruelty

National Football League Funds Horrific Sports-Injury Experiments on Dogs, Mice, Rats and other Animals

Following the European Union's Ban on Animal Testing of Cosmetics, Australia's Labor Party Weighs Similar Action

No Evidence of Significant Medical Progress after Killing 45,000 Dogs and 68,000 Monkeys Over the Past 10 Years at UW-Madison and Covance

New In Vitro Research Method Using Artificial Cornea More Accurate, Reliable and Cost-Efficient than Rabbit Eye Test

Animal Models Have Failed in Medical Research --Former NIH Director

India Bans Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Be Cruelty Free and Humane Society International Launch Campaign to End Animal Testing of Cosmetics in China

Nestle and Other Food Giants Use Painful, Deadly Animal Testing Not to Assess Food Safety but to Make Health Claims about their Products

New Research Shows Animal Tests Are Poor Predictors of Human Response

Major Cosmetic Companies Mislead Consumers About Cruelty-Free Practices

The Dirty Dozen:  Twelve Worst CEOs for Animals in Laboratories

Animal Testing on Cosmetics and Toiletries Banned in Europe after 20 Year Campaign

95% of Animals Used in Research and Testing are not Protected by Law.  House Bill Aims to Close the Gap

U.S. Air Force Mutilates Live Animals for Combat Trauma Training Even Though Better Alternatives Exist

Persistent Animal Welfare Violations Cited at UCSF Laboratories

While 98% of U.S. ATLS Trauma Training Programs Have Adopted More Ethical and Effective Methods, Hartford Hospital Continues to Use Live Animals

Former Animal Researchers Show Why Experimentation on Animals is Unnecessary in New Documentary, "Maximum Tolerated Dose"

Why Do We Allow the Dregs of Human Society to Get Away With Murder and Call it Science?

Animal Abuse Alleged in Military Med Training

Number of Animals Used in Experiments Continues to Rise Despite Opposition

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Research on Animals for 2011

Progress Made Against Covance, World's Largest Contract Animal Testing Lab, Largest Dog Breeder, and Largest U.S. Importer of Primates for Abuse in Experiments

Environmental Groups Push Unethical Animal-Based Research

Four Staff at Professional Laboratory and Research Services Indicted on Felony Animal Cruelty Charges

Bob Barker Sends Rescued California Lab Monkeys to Sanctuary

Animal Testing Alternatives Lab Receives Good Laboratory Practice Accreditation from OECD

Invasive Chimpanzee Experiments Must End

Heroic Dog Wiser, Nobler Than Most Scientists

Victory:  County Votes to Protect Animals from Labs