Other Animal Rights Issues

"So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind,
When just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs."    -- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Make No Mistake, People Who Abuse Animals Pose a Serious Threat to the Public" --San Bernardino Co. D.A. Mike Ramos, Honored Nationally for His Groundbreaking Animal Cruelty Task Force

Arrested for Saving Dog in Hot Car, Michael Hammons Would Do It Again.  You Da Man Mr. Hammons!

Rat and Dog Are Buddies

Pesticides May Be Harming Bees, Crops

Norway Launches Animal Rights Police Force

Global Animal's Favorite Quotes

Taking a Stand Against Circus Cruelty

Autistic Boy Transformed by Friendship with Abandoned Dog

Seattle City Council Rejects Dedicated Activists' Plea--Supported by 92% of Seatleites--To Send Woodland Park Zoo's Aging Elephants to Sanctuary

Lawsuit Filed to Stop North Coast Cormorant Slaughter

Veterinarian Brags About Shooting Elderly Couple's "Feral" Cat with Arrow

Animal Rights Activists in Iran Protest Stray Dog Killings

Outlawed in 80 Countries, Barbaric Leghold Traps Are Still Used in America

Cop Crosses Five Lanes of Traffic to Rescue Frightened Puppy in Peru

Barbaric Killing of Bull During Festival Reopens Debate Over Bullfighting in Colombia

Montreal SPCA Horrified by Quebec Fur Farm Holding 10,000 Mink and Other Animals Captive With Inadequate Water, Filthy Wire Cages, and No Access to a Solid Floor

Nearly Half the Victims of Domestic Violence Who Stay in Violent Households Do So Because They Are Afraid of What Will Happen to Their Animals:  Now, Ohio Law Includes Animals in Protective Orders

ALDF Files Lawsuit to Save Imprisoned Bear

Animals Rescuing Animals

At Least a Dozen Other Nations Have Banned Wild Animals in Circuses While the U.S. Lags Behind

"Most People Have No Idea That Buying a Parrot Can Have a Devastating Impact on Nature and Support a Whole System of Illegal Activities"

Crackpots Through the Ages

Bravo!  Bull Outsmarts Sadistic Bullfighter and Two Equally Depraved Assistants

While Leaders Remain Silent, the Illegal Ivory Trade Feeds Organized Crime and Drains Africa of Some of Its Greatest Assets

Landmark Ruling:  Argentine Court Recognizes Orangutan as "Nonhuman Person" Unlawfully Deprived of His Freedom by Buenos Aires Zoo

"A Measure of a Culture is the Empathy Shown Not Only for Members of its Own Species But for Other Species as Well" --Gwyn Hyman Rubio, Author of Love & Ordinary Creatures

In Major Milestone, China Will Recognize Legal Concept of Animal Welfare for First Time

European Union Begins to Enforce Labeling of Foods Containing Palm Oil, Whose Production Drives Deforestation, Threatening Orangutans, Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos

Oakland Follows Los Angeles in Banning Circuses That Use Bullhooks on Elephants

Illinois Man Prosecuted for Rescuing Baby Eagles Inspires "Good Samaritan" Legislation

Pope Francis:  "The Vocation of Being a 'Protector,' However, is Not Just Something Involving Us Christians Alone, It Also Has a Prior Dimension Which is Simply Human, Involving Everyone.  It Means Protecting All Creation, the Beauty of the Created World, As the Book of Genesis Tells Us and St. Francis of Assisi Showed Us.  It Means Respecting Each of God's Creatures and Respecting the Environment in Which We Live"

Deepak Adhikari Claims the "Cultural Importance" of Slaughtering 100,000 Animals During a Religious Festival in Nepal Justifies the Atrocities Committed.  What Exactly Are the Cultural Benefits of Sadism, Torture, and Murder?

Court Ruling Against Chimpanzee Exemplifies Peter Singer's Definition of Speciesism

"A Chimp Isn't a Human, But They're Enough Like Us That it Shouldn't Be Possible to Purchase One and Keep Him in a Cage" --Steven Wise, Nonhuman Rights Project

Police Spy Working for Covert Unit That Infiltrated Hundreds of Political Groups in England Accused of Encouraging Animal Rights Supporters to Commit Illegal Acts

Indian Branch of HSI Challenges Massive Animal Sacrifice in Nepal

The World's Endangered Wildlife is For Sale on the Web

Since State Laws Still Require No Mandatory Jail Time for Offenders, Dog-Fighting Continues to Flourish

U.S. Military Medical Training Makes Strides Toward More Human-Relevant Methods But Needs to Modernize Combat Trauma Training

Citing Manifest Cruelty and Safety Issues, Willowick, Ohio Residents Propose Ban on Circuses Featuring Exotic Animals

Courageous Spanish Animal Rights Protesters Disrupt "Fire Bull Festival" in Which a Bull's Horns Are Set on Fire to Entertain a Sadistic Crowd

Iranian MPs Propose Making it a Crime to Keep Dogs as Pets or Walk Them in Public, with Offenders Subject to 74 Lashes or a Fine

Tennessee Walking Horse Industry Files Complaint Against Congressman Ed Whitfield After He Co-Sponsors Bill to Ban Horrific Practice of Horse Soring

Vast Majority of Pet Stores Buy From Puppy Mills

Quebec Fur Farmer Jean-Luc Rodier Charged With Animal Cruelty After SPCA Investigation

Unspeakably Brutal Dog Fighting "Godfather" Donnie Anderson Gets Eight Year Sentence

"Once You Strip Away the Pomp and Prestige Horse Racing Has to Justify Its Existence, All You're Left With Is People Beating Animals in Front of a Baying Crowd"

British Website Lets Voters Check Politicians' Animal Welfare Credentials

Animal Abusers Using Social Media to Promote Their Crimes

Hundreds of Thousands of Animals May Be Massacred November 28-29 During Religious Festival in Nepal

Noncompliant Dog Breeders Given Too Many Warnings, Not Enough Enforcement

Bill Aims to Make Cockfighting a Felony in Ohio, One of Nine States Where It's Still a Misdemeanor

Report Animal Abuse with New App

Elephant Whose Family Was Killed By Ivory Poachers in Africa is Forced to Entertain Circus-Goers Despite Severe Arthritis and Injuries

"With a Recognition That Animals Are Sentient Creatures Capable of Experiencing Great Pain Should Come a Realization That Animals Are Not Property--Not Innate Objects--And Our Legal System Must Recognize This.  It Did When Slaves, Women, and Children Were Considered Property And Now It Is Time to Reclassify the Status of Animals Too"

Perpetrator Sought in Worst Case of Animal Cruelty Ever Seen by Toronto Vet

Tommy, a Chimpanzee Kept Alone in a Cage in a Warehouse, is the Equivalent of a Human Child.  Can We Say That He Has No Rights Simply Because He is a Chimpanzee?

Tackling the NFL's Culture of Cruelty

In First Case of Its Kind, New York Appeals Court to Weigh Legal Personhood of Chimps

Man Under Investigation for Severe Animal Cruelty Pulls Knife on Officer

Genesee County, MI, Sheriff Seeks Tougher Penalties for Animal Abusers

Mexico City Bans Use of Animals in Circus Acts

Andre Robinson, 21, Lures Stray Cat, Kicks Him 20 Feet Through the Air Amidst a Chorus of Laughter, and Seems Befuddled by All the Negative Attention

Adopted Dog Given 1% Chance of Survival Opens Door for Silent, Autistic Boy

In Obvious Conflict of Interest, USDA Hires Apologist for the Puppy Mill Industry to Regulate the Same Industry He Promotes

Recognizing the Relationship Between Animal Cruelty and Other Violent Crimes, FBI Upgrades Animal Abuse to Top-Tier Felony

New Research Indicates Zoos Neither Educate Nor Empower Children

Israel Becomes First Country to Ban Horse- and Donkey-Drawn Carts (Except for Tourism Purposes)

New Jersey Bill Would Bar Convicted Animal Abusers From Working in a Pet-Related Business or Owning a Pet

Thousands of Animal Rights Activists Rally in Tel Aviv

Educating Circus-Goers About Animal Cruelty Behind the Scenes at Ringling Bros.

Animal Trainer Lancelot Kollman Ramos Charged With Exhibiting Sick, Emaciated Elephant Who Died Early With All of the Joy "Stolen From His Soul in the Name of Entertainment"

Judge Favors Intrinsic Value Over Market Value in Determining Compensation for Family Dog's Death

Breeders and Pet Stores Succeed in Delaying Cook County, IL Puppy Mill Ban

Fur Farms:  Whom Would Jesus Skin?

Disabled Veteran Thrown Out of Subway Restaurant Because of Service Dog

Indian Court Bans Religious Animal Sacrifices

Call 911 When You See an Animal Locked Inside a Hot Car

Why Do We Still Allow Tail Docking and Ear Cropping of Dogs for Nonmedical Reasons When the AVMA Calls these Procedures Cruel and Barbaric and 30 Countries Ban Them as Unjustified Mutilation?

Steve-O Could Face Charges for Changing Freeway Sign to Read "Sea World Sucks" But PETA Has Already Vowed to Pay Any Fines

Shocking Footage Shows Hens Kept in Appalling Conditions by a Contractor for Pace Farm, Australia, Which Describes its Eggs as "Sourced from the Most Modern Farms, from the Healthiest Hens, and Treated With the Greatest Care"

Sam Simon and PETA Close Down California Chinchilla Farm

New GPS Trackers Help Locate Lost Pets

Canadian Veterinary Assistant Starts Online Animal Abuse Registry

In Landmark Rulings, Oregon Supreme Court Affords Animals Some of the Same Basic Protections as Human Beings

Pet Breeders Are the Only Regulated Business in Minnesota Whose Licensing Records Are Kept Secret

Nurse Turns Her Apartment Into Hospice for Cats with Feline Leukemia

Congresswoman's Bill Would Assist Domestic Violence Victims Afraid To Leave an Abusive Situation Out of Concern For the Safety of Their Pets

Quebec To Redefine Legal Status of Animals As Sentient Creatures Rather Than Personal Property

Wolf Travels 2000 Kilometres Across Europe Via Austrian Alps

Unearthing and Relocating Gopher Tortoises About To Be Buried Alive Under Construction Sites

Proposed Bill Aims to Guarantee Universal Animal Welfare in Thailand

Oregon Supreme Court Rules that Sheriff's Deputy Acted Legally When He Entered Private Property Without a Warrant to Rescue Starving Horse

Candlelight Vigil Renews Call for Teaching Compassion After Fatal Torture of Cat by Schoolboys

Fusion to Document Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon's Battle With Cancer and Fight for Animal Rights

Nevada Assemblyman's Bill Would Require Mandatory Counseling for Anyone Convicted of Animal Abuse

First City in Iran to Ban Killing Stray Dogs--And the Woman Behind It

Wisconsin Church Hosts Pig Fighting Contest

Ebola, AIDS, SARS, and Many Other Infectious Diseases Arrive at Our Doorstep Through the Trade in Animals

Illinois Governor Signs Measure Proposed by Third Graders to Fight Puppy Mills

Elephant Rescued by Wildlife SOS After 50 Years of Chains, Shackles, and Beatings

"Freeing Animals--Does That Sound Like Terrorism?" Asks Lawyer for Activists Charged Under Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Fight to Close Down Puppy Mills Goes National

With 95% of Egg-Laying Hens in U.S. Confined to Cages So Small They Can Barely Move, Consumers Demand Truth in Labeling on Egg Cartons

Cops Torture and Kill 1-Year Old Dog for Barking

Social Studies Teacher Christopher Zambira Starts Animal Kindness Clubs in Malawi Schools

New York Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal Has Become the Legislature's Most Prolific Writer of Bills Protecting Animals

Phoenix Ordinance Forbidding Pet Stores from Selling Dogs and Cats Purchased from Puppy Mills Faces Legal Challenge

Animal Activists Indicted as Terrorists in Release of Mink from Fur Farm

No Such Thing As Humane Wool:  Severe Abuse of Sheep Filmed in Numerous Shearing Sheds Across Australia

US Navy Estimates that Its Sonar Training Program Will Cause 9.6 Million Harmful Events, 155 Mortalities, and More Than 2000 Instances of Permanent Injury to Dolphins and Whales

Landmarks in Legislation Ensure That the Deaths of Abused Animals Have Not Been in Vain

Poachers in Kenya Kill World Famous Elephant Satao for Ivory

Federal Appeals Court:  Animal Torture Videos Not Free Speech

Mexico City Bans Animals in Circuses

Baltimore Police Officer Jeffrey Bolger Slits Restrained Dog's Throat

Patterson, NJ Police Fail to Respond to Brutal Attack on Cat by Schoolboys

Six Tamarin Monkeys Die at Oregon Zoo After Cross-Country Car Ride Inside Food Coolers

The Truth About Declawing

ALDF Singles Out Worst Breeders, Roadside Zoos, and Animal Testing Facilities in Texas and Demands USDA Enforcement

Court Clears the Way for Lawsuit Against California Bull Runs

9-Year Old Leads the Way

Minnesota Takes Steps to Crack Down on Puppy and Kitten Mills

Louisiana Legislature Upgrades Cockfighting Law

Sniffer Dog Killed by Taliban After Saving Countless Lives Awarded Victoria Cross

New Jersey Kids Mercilessly Torture, Kill Cat; Animal Advocates Seek Justice

Cockfighting Still Big Business in Kentucky

India's Supreme Court Bans Bull-Baiting

Weak Penalties Allow Dog Breeders to Stay in Operation Despite Multiple Citations and Complaints

ALDF Demands Public Records Regarding Poison Dump Off San Francisco Coast

Outside Dayton, TX, Francisco Castillo Cruz Drags Small Five Year Old Shetland Pony Behind His Truck and Beats Him Across the Head With a Belt and Buckle for Wandering Out of His Stall

Officers in Virginia Seize 59 Sick or Emaciated Animals from Waste-Covered Stalls Run by Larry Sams Who Sells Live Animals for So-Called "Religious" Sacrifices

Texas Veterinarian Accused of Using Dog for Blood Transfusions Six Months After He Was Slated for Euthanasia

Empathy May Be the Reason Why Some Animals Form Close Relationships with Animals Outside Their Own Species

Animals Asia Plans Largest Rescue of Chinese Bile Bears

After Stating its Intent to Comply with International Court Ban, Japan Plans to Resume So-Called "Research Whaling" in 2015

Louisiana Senate Rejects Elbert Guillory's Ploy to Undermine State Cockfighting Ban

Smugglers in Southeast Asia Now Killing Dogs for Leather As Well As Meat

Federal Judge Upholds California's Ban on Possession or Sale of Shark Fins

Owner Mitch Behm and Manager David Delgado Plead Guilty After Thousands of Animals Found Dead or Dying in Filthy Conditions at Exotic Animal Business in Lake Elsinore, CA

Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules that Police May Respond Without a Search Warrant  to an Emergency in Which an Animal Requires Immediate Protection or is in Imminent Danger

Animal Cruelty Often Linked to Other Forms of Family and Community Violence:  Here are 7 Signs to Watch For

Public Opinion in China is Turning Against Exploitation of Wild Animals but Chinese Wildlife Law Effectively Encourages Commercial Use of Animal Parts

PETA Files Complaints Accusing Prominent Thoroughbred Trainer and His Assistant of Cruel and Injurious Treatment of Horses

"Diligent Prosecution and Appropriate Punishment for Animal Cruelty Could Prevent Future Crimes Against Humans"  --Abigail Perdue, Professor of Law

PETA Exposes Cruel Practices in Horse Racing Including Drugging, Electro-Shocking, "Blistering," and Supergluing a Painful Hoof to Keep it Together

When You Know More About Animals, It's Easy to Be Kind

Kept Afloat by Senseless Laws, Greyhound Racing Kills or Injures Thousands of Dogs a Year

With its Animal Welfare Law, Animal-Tested Cosmetics Ban, Foie Gras Ban, Proposed Ban on Recreational Hunting and the Sale of Fur Clothing, and Proposed Transfer of Animal Protection Enforcement from the Agricultural  to the Environmental Ministry, Israel is a Leader in Animal Rights

Band of Organized Criminals Works to Block the "Prevent All Soring Tactics Act"

Rapid Expansion of Palm Oil Plantations Deadly for Elephants, Orangutans, and Other Wildlife

"A Huge Aggression Literature Shows that People Engaging in Antisocial Behavior are the Same People Who are Abusing Animals.  It's Time to Start Ringing the Alarm Bells when We See Animal Abuse" --Developmental Psychologist Eleonora Gullone

"The Superior Human?"

Unlicensed Massachusetts Petting Zoo Operator Charged with Animal Cruelty and Assaulting an Officer as Workers Rescue 35 Animals and Neighbors Offer Help

Copenhagen Zoo Proves that "Zoos are Hideous Institutions that Do Not Deserve Public Support"

3000 Roosters Rescued in Biggest Cockfighting Bust in New York State History

Fish Oil Craze Wiping Out Rare Whale Shark-- You Can Get Omega-3 from Flax Oil, Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, Walnuts, Canola Oil, Soy Oil, Etc.

Pernicious "King Amendment" Dropped from Farm Bill, Animal Fighting Law Strengthened

Thugs Slaughter or Injure Hundreds of Dolphins, Sell Others for Captivity

Unchaining the Elephants of Nepal

Illinois State Rep. Toni Berrios Proposes Registry Designed to Keep Animal Abuse Offenders Away from Animals

"Dusty's Law" Protecting Service Animals Passes NJ Senate

Victories for Animals in 2013

"For if we truly understand their suffering then, surely, we shall no longer condone it"  --Jane Goodall on We Animals by Jo-Anne McArthur

No Nation or Race is Without Examples of Animal Cruelty

Poems of Compassion by Gretchen Primack

Animal Cruelty is Associated with a Broad Array of Antisocial Behaviors Particularly those that Exercise a Physical Threat over Other Persons, According to National Study Reported in Journal of Psychiatric Research

Unburdened with Moral Concern, Trappers Find Blood Money in Foreign Markets

What to Do When You Witness Animal Cruelty

Are Any Words Ugly Enough to Describe People Who Forcibly Rip the Fur from Screaming Animals and Throw Them Back into Tiny, Filthy Cages Looking More Like Meat than Living Creatures?

Nature Paleontology Editor Henry Gee Dismantles the Concept of "Human Exceptionalism" (the Idea that Humans are Fundamentally Different from Other Animal Species)

New Mexico's Animal Cruelty Laws Among Nation's Weakest

Nevada State Senator Proposes Animal Cruelty Registry

"Cruelty to Animals is a Precursor of Cruelty to Humans"  --LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Pamplona:  Home of the Most Repulsive People in the Western World

This Man Refuses to be Intimidated by Threat after Testifying on Horse Soring

American Demand for Luxury Fabrics Fuels Unthinkable Abuse of Rabbits in China

Nonhuman Rights Project asks New York Courts to Grant Legal Personhood to Chimpanzees based on Scientific Evidence of their Emotional and Cognitive Abilities

Video Games Normalize Animal Cruelty

Los Angeles City Council Bans Bullhooks Used by Depraved Circus Handlers to Torment Baby Elephants

China Makes Progress Against The Torture of Animals for Entertainment

Reporting Internet Animal Abuse

Understanding the Link between Animal Abuse and Family Violence

Much-Needed Animal Abuser Registry Meets Inexplicable Opposition from HSUS

British Columbia Mink Exploiters who Produce $30 Million a Year in Furs by Raising Animals in 10" by 12" Cages their Entire Lives Call Animal Rights Activists "Terrorists"

Animal Abuse Often Predictive of Domestic Violence

Veterinarian and Pet Industry Groups Betray Animals in Court

Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty:  Individuals Involved in Violent Acts Against Animals Present a Danger to the Public that Must be Addressed

Starving Horses, Dogs, Birds Rescued from Gut-Wrenching Filth in Pine County, Minnesota

How Hot Does it Get in a Parked Car?

Cockfighter Jose Pena Gets Off with $222 Court Costs in Ohio Where the Blood Sport is Still a Misdemeanor

Costa Rica, Having Already Banned Sport Hunting, Will Close its Zoos

Who Would Harm an Animal?  Someone Who is Probably a Threat to Humans as Well

Former Hall of Fame Tennessee Walking Horse Trainer Jackie McConnell Pleads Guilty to Cruelty Charges After HSUS Investigation Reveals he Beat, Shocked, and Used Painful Chemicals on Show Horses

Animal Abusers are Five Times More Likely to Commit Violent Crimes against Humans than Non-Abusers:  Better Enforcement of Animal Cruelty Laws Can Help Protect All of Us from Future Violence

Christopher Roppelt Charged with Felony Animal Cruelty for "Horrendous" Backyard Slaughter in Fair Oaks, CA

Animal Activists in China Rise Up Against Cruelty

Courageous High School Junior Alyssa Moore Gives Teachers and Fellow Students a Lesson in Basic Ethics

Rory and Trudy Childs Under Investigation for Long Term Neglect of Horses in Spanish Fork, Utah

Fire Department in Holley, NY Abuses Children and Animals by Sponsoring Mass Killing of Squirrels, with Cash Prizes for Kids and Adults

Culturally Approved Atrocities Around the World:  Depravity Under the Guise of Tradition (Warning:  Graphic)

Caged, Emaciated Dog Rescued in Puppy Mill Raid

Baby Elephant at Oregon Zoo is "Owned" by an Entertainment Company Known to Beat and Shock Elephants and Could Be Separated from its Mother and Turned Over to the Abusers

Circus Owner Bobby Roberts Gets Conditional Discharge and Groom Nicolai Nitu Remains At Large in Chaining, Kicking, Beating and Stabbing of Europe's Oldest Elephant

Michael Watkins Arrested in Brutal Monkey Killing That Exposes the Weakness of Idaho's Anti-Cruelty Laws

Former Policeman Robert Bergeron Shoots and Kills 30-Pound Fawn Standing with its Mother in his Front Yard

After Nursing a Marineland Walrus Back to Health, Trainer Calls for Better Regulation of Zoos and Aquariums

Most Animal Abusers Go Unpunished

Zoo Director Meghan Mogensen Convicted of Animal Cruelty

Patrick, the Puppy Dumped in a NJ High Rise Garbage Chute, Inspires New Legislation Upgrading Penalties for Animal Abuse

The Long Record of Animal Abuse by Romney and Ryan

Where to Report Animal Cruelty or Neglect

First Animal Abuse Case Filed in Indonesia

Heather Shawna Scyrkel Charged with Animal Cruelty After Starving More Than Two Dozen Horses

Rattlesnake Roundups:  Blatant Animal Cruelty

U.S. Rep. Steve King Works Against Anti-Dogfighting Legislation

Attorney for Kennel Owner Dayna Bell, Accused of Drowning Puppies, Says They Were Not Pets But "Commercial" Animals

Circus Elephant Owners Go On Trial in UK for Animal Cruelty

Twenty-Four Horses Die Per Week on US. Racetracks

Horrific Animal Abuse by Military Videotaped

Indiana Morons Abuse Turtles for Entertainment

Top Horse Trainer Exposed by Video

Olympic Equestrienne Charged With Horse Abuse

Investigation Reveals How Ringling Bros. Treats Its Elephants