Meat & Dairy Industry

"Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks:  they're only animals."     --Theodor W. Adorno

American Humane Association Claims Poultry Giant Foster Farms Treats Animals Humanely; Video Proves Otherwise

How We Lie to Children to Hide the Truth About Eating Meat

If We Stopped Growing Crops to Feed Livestock and Instead Fed Ourselves, No One Would Go Hungry

Many of the Most Egregious Forms of Farmed Animal Cruelty Remain Legal Under Current Laws

Horrific Cruelty Reigns Throughout Animal Agriculture Yet Lawmakers Allow the Industry Itself to Decide What Practices are "Customary" and Therefore Legal

ALDF Notifies Harrison County, Indiana Fair Board that a Scheduled Pig Wrestling Contest, in Which Teams of Four Humans Chase and Physically Assault a Terrified Pig, Violates Local Anti-Cruelty Laws

Dairy:  Robbing a Mother Cow of Her Calves, Her Milk, and Her Life to Produce Worthless Junkfood for Humans

Morrissey: Meat and Dairy at Live Earth Event a Mockery

Sheep and Goat Left to Die for Hours at New Holland, PA Auction Stable

18 Year Old Who, With His Juvenile Accomplices, Beat to Death Over 900 Chickens With a Golf Club and Other Weapons Sentenced to Only 120 Days Due to Shortcomings in California Law

Meat and Dairy Industry Statements Versus Scientific Facts

North Carolina Poultry Industry Seeks to Prosecute Whistleblowers, Protect Animal Abusers

Uncovering the Face of Evil at a New Mexico Dairy Farm

Hospitals Promote Unhealthful Food to Patients, Visitors, and Staff

Who is More Loving--Humans or the Animals We Butcher Needlessly?

Texas Couple Converts Their Cattle Ranch Into Farm Animal Sanctuary

"Herding [of] Animals Transformed Human Norms and Behavior, Giving Rise to Patriarchy, War, Slavery, a Wealthy Elite Class ... and Steadily Suppressing Our Natural Empathy and Respect for Animals, Nature, and Each Other" --Will Tuttle

Duck Torturers Win Latest Round in Foie Gras Battle

Is Any Punishment Sufficient for the Ghastly Crimes Revealed at Butterfield Foods in Minnesota?

Video Taken at New Mexico Dairy Shows Workers Whipping Animals with Chains, Electrically Shocking Their Genitals, Kicking and Punching Them, Stabbing Them with Screwdrivers, and Using Tractors to Drag Animals Too Weak to Walk on Their Own

Caused by the Bushmeat Trade, the Deadly Ebola Outbreak is Another Example of the Link Between Human and Animal Protection

"I Find Many Similarities Between How the Nazis Treated Us and How We Treat Animals" --Alex Hershaft, Holocaust Survivor and President of FARM

Denmark, Germany and Netherlands Press EU for Tougher Animal Welfare Standards

Drone Records Images of Cesspools the Size of Lakes Filled with Untreated Toxic Animal Waste at North Carolina Pig Farms

ALDF Sues California Rodeo Salinas and its Head Veterinarian Tim Eastman for Failing to Report Animal Injuries Caught on Video by SHARK

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley Takes On the State's Powerful Poultry Industry Over Pollution of Waterways by Animal Waste

"Ounce for Ounce, Foie Gras Has Four Times the Cholesterol of a Big Mac ... Abundant Research Shows that Even a Single Fatty or Salty Meal Can Stiffen the Arteries and Greatly Increase the Risk of a Heart Attack"

Plant-Based Diet May Reduce Inflammation

Type 2 Diabetes Patients Benefit from Replacing Meat with Legumes

USDA Continues to Promote Meat Despite Scientific Documentation of its Harmful Effects on Health

Not Mentioned in This Article Is a Better Alternative to Kosher Slaughter:  Honor the True Spirit of Kashruth by Embracing Veganism

California Bill Would Regulate Nontherapeutic Use of Antibiotics in Livestock

"No Animal Should Be Exploited to Satisfy the Selfish Needs and Whimsical Desires of Humans"

While More Than Five Dozen Other Vendors Push Suppliers to Eliminate Gestation Crates (Illegal in the European Union and Nine States), Walmart Continues to Drag its Feet

Lawsuit Filed Against Mendocino County, CA Over Predator Control Program Linked with Environmental Destruction and Indiscriminate Killing of Animals

Putting Political Ambitions Above Ethics, NJ Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Gestation Crate Ban

In the UK Alone, 43 Million Farmed Animals Die Each Year of Disease, Exposure, Starvation, Fires, Floods, Road Crashes, and Neglect

"Turkey Day is a Lot More Fun When the Turkeys are Alive and Well"

The Incredibly Inedible Egg

Not Only Does it Take 660 Gallons of Water to Produce a Single Hamburger, Meat Production is Also the Number One Source of Greenhouse Gases and Deforestation

Mega-Study Shows Plant-Based Diets Effective in Treating Diabetes

Koch Foods Denies Video Evidence of Inhumanely Treating Chickens by Scalding Them Alive and Shackling Them Upside Down Before Slicing Open Their Throats, Wings and Chests While Still Conscious

Comics Artist Wiley Miller ("Non Sequitur") Skewers the Health Industry

John Nelson Gets Off with Probation After 26 Cows Found Dead, Chained in Manure-Filled Stalls on His Farm in Rice Lake, Wisconsin

"Animals Feel Pain, Fear, Love and Joy, Just as Humans Do, Yet Billions of Them Are Killed Every Year for Products That Are Poisoning the Environment and Making Humans Sick" --Vegan Activist Sonia Waddell

Video Shows Chickens Scalded Alive After Having Their Necks, Chests or Wings Slashed at a Koch Foods Slaughterhouse in Chattanooga

Mercy for Animals Documents "Egregious Abuses" at Andrus Dairy in Wisconsin; Local Investigators Fail to Press Charges

Low-Carb Diets Increase Risk of Death for Heart Patients

New Drug "Cocktails" for Livestock Threaten Animals, Consumers, Workers, and Environment

Missouri Atty. General Chris Koster Squanders Taxpayer Funds in Pointless Attempt to Overturn California Animal Welfare Law

Boston Public Schools Join Meatless Mondays

HSUS Opens Nationwide Farm Animal Abuse Tip Line

"Something Stinks in the Organic Hen House:  It's the Hen House Regulators"

Countdown to Kindness:  Inspiration for Each Day of World Vegan Month

Will Chris Christie Sell Out to the Pork Kings Again?

Byproduct of Eating Animal Products Leads to Heart Failure

Drinking Milk Associated with Fractures and Death

Vegan Diet Proves Most Effective for Weight Loss

Analysis of 14,000 Men Indicates That the More Their Diets Were Plant-Based, the Lower Their Risk of Prostate Cancer

Farmers Need to Spend Less Time Listening to Their Lawyers, More Time Listening to Consumers

ALDF Petitions California to Regulate Factory Farm Greenhouse Emissions

Horrendous Abuse of Exported Australian Cattle in Gaza

Sonoma County, CA, Sheriff's Officials and Local Veterinarian Brazenly Deny Documented Proof of Cruelty at Reichardt Duck Farm

Investigation Uncovers Rampant Abuse and Neglect at Duck Factory Farm in California

Are Foie Gras Producers the Most Despicable People on Earth?  If Not, It's Only Because They Have a Lot of Competition

While Red Meat Increases Risk for Breast Cancer, Plant-Based Foods Improve Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Canadian Workers Kick, Beat, and Shock Pigs (Some Sick or Injured and Struggling to Walk) In Full View of Government Inspectors

Supreme Court Rebuffs Animal Abusers, Backs California Foie Gras Ban

Milk Has Zero Health Benefits--And Many Health Risks

Animal Protein Exposure During Gestation May Lead to Overweight Adulthood

Foster Farms Calls Intruders' Deadly Beatings of 920 Chickens an "Unconscionable Act of Animal Cruelty," Though the Same Action Is Quite Typical in the Poultry Sector Itself, And Pork Industry Leaders Have Even Defended Hanging as a Method of Euthanasia

Documentary Reveals Widespread, Industry-Standard Pig Farming Practices Kept Hidden from the Public

Holocaust Survivor Who Saw a Connection Between Concentration Camps and Factory Farms Creates Traveling Show Documenting the Meat Industry and its Horrors

Judge Dismisses Baseless Suit Against California Law Barring Sale of Eggs Produced by Hens in Cages Too Small to Stand Up, Turn Around, or Extend Their Limbs

California Teens Arrested in 920 Chicken Deaths

Nevada Narcissists Ride Cross-Country to Convince Us That Public Lands are Their Personal Property

The Mass Overuse of Antibiotics in Livestock Generates Lethal Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Video Shows New Mexico Dairy Workers Kicking and Punching Cows, Whipping Them with Chains, Shocking Them with Electric Prods, and Dragging Sick or Injured Cows with Heavy Equipment

Australian Agriculture Minister Plans to Exempt Saudi Arabia from Animal Welfare Requirements and Resume Live Exports

"Government Must Stop Treating Animals as Commodities"

Meta-Study Finds Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Death Risk

New Plant-Based "Meat" Has More Iron and Protein Than Beef, More Omega-3 Than Fish, More Calcium Than Milk

Sea Shepherd Crew Arrested as Faroese Whalers Ruthlessly Slaughter Entire Pod of 33 Pilot Whales

Idaho Dairy Industry Group Advises Members to Turn Down Media and Tour Requests

Don't Be Fooled by the Euphemism "Animal Agriculture," Which Makes Cruelty to Animals Seem as Natural and Normal as the Cultivation of Plants.  It Isn't.  Agriculture Originally Meant Tilling, Not Killing.  "Animal Agriculture" Is Nothing But a Marketable Term for Animal Genocide

Boycott Bricklayers Arms, Flaunden, UK, and Other Businesses that Continue to Sell Foie Gras, the Diseased Livers of Ducks or Geese Force Fed with Metal Pipes Several Times a Day to Enlarge Their Livers to Pathological Proportions

California Egg Producers Who Abandoned 50,000 Hens Without Food and Left Them to Die Will Never Be Allowed to Work with Animals Again

Doctors Tell Arby's to Retract False Claim That Protein is Better in Meat Form

Shocked at Charges that a California Slaughterhouse Swapped Cow Heads to Sell Condemned Meat?  Is This Surprising?  If They Had a Conscience They Wouldn't Be Running a Slaughterhouse

Constitutional Amendment Aimed at Blocking Humane, Health, and Environmental Regulation of Large Scale Meat Producers Squeaks By in Missouri

Factory-Farmed Chicken:  Breeding Ground for a Major Health Hazard

"Bullies Are Made, Not Born.  They're Made at Sheep Dressing Competitions and Pig Wrestling Matches.  They Develop and Hone Their Callous Disregard for Sentient Others at Calf Races and Chicken Scrambles, Events That Are Presented to Them as Normal and Fun.  Why?  Because to Perpetuate Itself, Animal Agriculture Requires that Children Embrace The Lessons of Speciesism"

James Linsley Sentenced to Only 16 Weeks After More Than 350 Animals Found Dead and Dying at Woodside Farm, West Layton, North Yorkshire

Hundreds Stricken by Sudden Severe Allergic Reactions to Meat and Some Poultry and Dairy Products

First Lawsuit Challenging Ag-Gag Laws Goes to Court

Police Arrest Yurianne "Elvin" Hervis-Gonzalez, Believed to Be One of the Most Vicious Operators of a Miami-Dade Slaughterhouse Where Pigs Were Brutally Shot, Killed with Sledgehammers, or Boiled Alive

Setting Example for Other Nations, India Bans Import of Foie Gras

Dairy Worker Caught Viciously Beating and Shocking Cows Gets Off With $500 Fine in What May Be the Last Such Conviction in Idaho Now That the State's Ag-Gag Law Shields Animal Abusers

Modern Research Supports What Native Americans Knew:  Plant-Based Foods Promote Wellness and Can Prevent and Treat Disease

While Overall Meat Consumption Continues to Decline, Increasing Demand for Chicken Is a Disaster for Human Health As Well As for Animals

John Deegan, Former President of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers' Association, Pleads Guilty In One Of the Worst Cases of Farming Cruelty Ever Dealt With By the Irish SPCA

Ag-Gag Laws Violate the Constitution and the Will of the American People

Powerful Ag Interests Seek to Enshrine "Generally Accepted" Farming Practices as a Legal Right to Fortify Their Industry Against Animal Advocates and Opponents of Genetically Modified Crops

No End Yet to Long Series of Frivolous Lawsuits Delaying Closure of Oyster Company Operating With Expired License in Protected Northern California Wilderness Area

If You Still Eat Chicken, Find Out How They're Treated Behind Closed Doors

"The 'Happy Exploitation' Effort Has One Goal:  To Make the Public More Comfortable About Animal Exploitation" --Gary Francione

More Meat Alternatives On the Way, This One Backed by Sergey Brin

Order a Free Vegan Starter Kit from PETA and Save 100 Animals Per Year

Beyond Ag-Gag Laws:  Corporations Work to Outlaw Private Use of Drones in Cruelty Investigations

Sexual Abuse of Animals in Factory Farms

"The Idea of Regular, Unannounced Third-Party Inspection on Farms, or Having Independently Audited Video Monitoring in Barns is Not Rocket Science ... The Case for Independent Oversight of Farms Could Not Be Clearer"

A Young Woman Reports Seeing a Living Cow Raked Across the Ground with a Bulldozer and Authorities File Criminal Charges Against Her.  Anyone Who Reports Animal Abuse is a Hero, Not a Criminal

Humboldt County, CA, Will Consider Nonlethal Alternatives to Wildlife Services, a Federal Program that Tortures and Kills Tens of Thousands of Wild Animals in California Every Year

Exposing the Gross Inhumanity of Pig Farming

Vicious Idaho Dairy Worker Gets Off With $500 Fine and Probation in What May Be the Last Such Conviction Under the State's New Ag-Gag Law

While Meat Producers Always Claim that Animal Abuse Cases Are Isolated Incidents, Overwhelming Evidence Shows That Cruelty is the Industry Standard

SPCA Pursues Cruelty Charges Against Hybrid Turkeys of Ontario After Video Shows Birds With Open Wounds, Failed Euthanasia, and an Employee Beating a Turkey With a Shovel and Other Objects

Plant-Based Diet Reverses Heart Disease

Journal of the American College of Nutrition Unveils Six Dietary Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

Though Congress Amended the Animal Welfare Act in 2002 to Specifically Include Birds, USDA Has Yet to Produce Any Rules Governing Their Protection

Plant Manager at Triple J Family Farms, Buffalo Lake, MN, Shoots Cow, then Torments It for More Than 10 Minutes Without Putting It Down as Required, Yet USDA Never Refers for Criminal Violation

Random Investigations Indicate that Cruelty Runs Rampant Throughout the Factory Farming Industry

Cannulated Cows:  Another Example of the "Relentless Human Ambition to Thwart Animals' Behavior and Lives for Our Convenience, Gratification, Sport, and Profit"

Mercy for Animals Files Complaints Against Two Mississippi Livestock Auctions Where Animals Were Kicked, Shocked, Beaten, Dragged by their Ears and Tails, and Deprived of Food and Water

"The Actions Observed in This Video Are the Most Severe Cases of Animal Abuse I Have Ever Seen in 32 Years as a Bovine Veterinarian" -- Dr. James Reynolds on Chilliwack Dairy Cruelty.  These Crimes Demand Prison Sentences for Owners and Workers Alike

Cows Whipped, Beaten with Chains and Canes, Punched, Kicked, and Tractor-Lifted by Their Necks at Canada's Largest Dairy Farm

Growing Backlash Within China--And Without--Against Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Eating More Vegetables Linked to 42% Lower Risk of Death

Egg Industry Titan Pleads Guilty to Charges Involving Nationwide Salmonella Outbreak that Sickened Thousands

Italy Escapes with Small Fine After Failing to Implement EU Battery Cage Ban

Why is the USDA Refusing to Enforce the Humane Slaughter Act?

Horrifying Conditions at Spanish Rabbit Farms Revealed

New Investigation Proves Extreme Cruelty and Violence Continue to Run Rampant at Butterball

New Book on "Humane Farming" Concludes that "Conditions for Animals are Only Marginally Improved by Alternative Farming Methods and Inherent Cruelties Abound"

Australian Pork Executive Andrew Spencer Demands Tough Penalties for Those Who Film What Actually Goes On in the Pork Industry

No End Yet to Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Chicken

Senate Committee Blocks Domestic Horse Slaughter

The 5 Worst States to Be a Farm Animal

Farmland and Fed Up, Two Documentaries Financed by Big Ag, Ignore or Whitewash Industrial Agriculture's Worst Offenders

"What's Good for Animals is Good for Us ... By Saving Animals We Save Ourselves"  --Aysha Akhtar, M.D.

Violations at Maryland Commercial Breeding Facility Routinely Go Unpunished

Taking Time Off From Abusing Animals, Bundy Narcissists Drive ATVs Through Land Set Aside to Protect Ancient Pueblo Ruins and Burial Grounds

"To All You Human Mothers:  Is it Such a Stretch to Believe that a Cow Loves Her Calf?"

Growing Use of Industrialized Dairy Operations in Asia Promises Devastating Consequences for the Environment, Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Public Health, and Rural Economies

Nineteenth Century California Ranchers Killed Indian Men, Women, and Children as Freely as They Slaughtered Cattle

Multi-Study Review:  Fishy Diet Does Not Promote Heart Health

Plant-Based Foods Prevent Hip Fractures; Meat, Milk and Refined Starches Do Not

Iron in Meat Increases Risk of Heart Disease by 57 Percent

Vermont Authorities Pass the Buck While Farmer Starves Pigs

USDA Fails to Cite or Suspend Lawbreaking Slaughterhouses for Egregious Animal Abuse No Matter How Severe the Illegal Activity

Eleven Facts About Factory Farms

Yonisley "Pipe" Garcia and Raul "Freaky" Fernandez Charged with Felony Animal Cruelty at Miami-Dade Slaughterhouse where Pigs Destined for Christmas Dinner Tables Were Shot, Stabbed, Beaten with Sledgehammers, Dragged with Hooks in their Mouths, and Gutted and Boiled Alive

The Single Most Important Action Each of Us Can Take to Protect the Planet is to Switch to a Plant-Based Diet

Baby Calves at Quebec Farm Kicked, Punched, and Confined to Tiny Wooden Crates for the Entirety of Their Short Lives

Higher Intake of Fruits and Vegetables Associated with 42% Decrease in Risk of Death

"Stop Manipulating Language and Imagery.  Farming that Ends in the Killing of Animals for Food is the Business of Murder"  -- Miriam Wald

Going Vegan is Easy but Here's Help for the Perplexed

Acting in the Spirit of Their Inherently Violent Trade, Nevada Ranchers Illegally Using Public Land for Grazing Threaten to Forcefully Block BLM from Seizing Cattle

Love Knows No Species:  Photos of Rescued Farm Animals

Hundreds of Thousands of Chickens Accidentally Boiled Alive Every Year in Slaughterhouse Scalding Tanks, Others Not Properly Stunned, Others Suffer Broken Bones When Shackled for Slaughter

"Ducks Are Individually Hand Fed to Produce our Unique, Signature Foie Gras," Claims Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Referring to the Process of Shoving a Metal Pipe Down a Duck's Throat and Force Feeding Him 2 or 3 Times a Day until His Diseased Liver Grows Up to 10 Times its Normal Size

Kentucky Lawmakers Slip Ag-Gag Provisions into Unrelated Bill to Skirt Public Debate

Small Farms Raise Meat Humanely?  Think Again

Though the Idea that Other Species Were Created to Serve Humankind Has Been Rejected by Modern Science, "No Age has Ever Inflicted Upon Animals Such Massive Punishments with Such Complete Disregard"

Activists Take to Streets Outside Slaughterhouse to Bear Witness to the Suffering of Animals Killed for Food

Heinous Cruelty Exposed at Miami-Dade Slaughter Yard.  "The People Who Did This Were Monsters" --Richard Couto, ARM Investigator

Santa Rosa Press Democrat Celebrates Hopes for Renewed Flow of Blood and Cholesterol from Petaluma CA Slaughterhouse

Nicholas Kristof Enumerates the Ills of the "Meat Racket" but Avoids the Obvious Conclusion:  Stop Eating Meat

Animal Advocates Sue to Stop U.S. Forest Service from Eliminating Federally Protected California Wild Horse Territory to Serve the Private Interests of Ranchers

One Pound of Meat Requires 16 Pounds of Grain and As Much Water as Six Months of Showers

Lawsuit Challenges Constitutionality of Idaho's Ag-Gag Law

Free Speech Expert Ken Paulson Asks Why Ag-Gag Supporters Wouldn't Pass Similar Legislation for Day Care Centers:  "Would Anyone Suggest that You Send Someone to Prison for Documenting Child Abuse?"

While Rep. Mike Thompson Prioritizes Public Safety in Northern California Meat Recall,  Rep. Jared Huffman More Concerned with Protecting Ranchers' Interests

To Keep Our Children Safe and Healthy We Need to Start Subtracting Meat and Adding Vegetarian Options to School Lunch Programs

No Lie Can Live Forever

"America's Most Intractable Problems All Double Back to Our Collective Mistreatment of Animals"  --Jane Velez Mitchell

New Animal-Friendly and Sustainable Meat Replica Backed by Bill Gates Rolls Out this Month

Video Shows Employees at Leading Turkey Producer "Hybrid Turkeys" Kicking, Clubbing, and Crushing the Spines of Birds while Others are Left to Die from Festering and Bloody Wounds.  These People are Sick and Those Who Consume their Products are Equally Culpable

Arizona House Approves Bill Reducing the Penalty for Deliberate Torture or Abuse of Livestock to a Misdemeanor

Millions of Factory Farmed Animals Burn to Death in Agony Every Year Because Big Ag Won't Install Fire Systems

A Diet High in Animal Protein Leads to Earlier Death

What Exactly is "Humane" about Shooting Animals in the Head with a Bolt Gun?  (See p. 2, "Humane Thing to Do")

Vegetarians Have Lower Blood Pressure

"In the Eyes of the Law Farm Animals Have No Protection, and the Abuses Inflicted upon Them on a Daily Basis Would be Illegal if Inflicted on Our Own Dogs and Cats"

Idaho Gov. "Butch" Otter Signs New Ag-Gag Law that will "Shut the Doors to Industrial Factory Farms and Allow Animal Abuse, Environmental Violations, and Food Contamination to Flourish Undetected, Unchallenged, and Unaddressed"

Idaho's Ag-Gag Bill:  Shameful Attempt to Hide Animal Cruelty

Source Alleges that Rancho Feeding Corp. Knowingly Sent Diseased Carcasses to Market

Food Inspector Says Rancho Feeding Corp. Mistreated Animals, Slaughtered "Questionable" Dairy Cows, Improperly Discharged Wastewater, and Subjected Her to Harassment; Her Concerns Often Were Ignored by Her Supervisor and She Was Reassigned to Another Plant

Pig Farmer Agrees:  No Such Thing as Humane Meat

"This Ag-Gag Bill Sends a Clear Message:  Idaho's Dairy Industry Has a Lot to Hide" --Nathan Runkle, Mercy for Animals

Marin County, CA, Rancher Bill Niman Slams USDA Meat Recall as "Abhorrent and Immoral," Terms More Appropriately Applied to the Meat Industry Itself

As the Meat Industry Finds New Ways to Abuse Animals, Lawmakers Target Those Who Expose the Abuse

Arizona House Bill Loosens(!) Animal Cruelty Regulations for Ranchers and Strips State and Local Police of the Power to Investigate Farm Animal Abuse

Even Modest Amounts of Meat Increase Risk for Diabetes

Rancho Feeding Corp., Petaluma, CA, Recalls 8.7 Million Pounds of Meat Not Fit for Human Consumption

Missouri Attorney General's Lawsuit Threatens Other States' Animal Cruelty and Food Safety Laws

Japanese Convenience Store Chain Drops Foie Gras in Response to Customer Complaints

"Cruelty to Animals Runs Rampant on Factory Farms and the Industry Knows it.  Rather than Improve Conditions for Animals, Agribusiness is Attempting to Silence Individuals who Seek to Expose and Stop it"

Fish Feel Pain

Pernicious "King Amendment" Dropped from Farm Bill, Animal Fighting Law Strengthened

Harvard Study:  Meat Products Increase Disease Risk

Feds Suspend Catelli Brothers, One of the Country's Largest Veal and Lamb Operations, for Blatant Animal Cruelty

The Link Between Meat and Cancer has been Known for More than a Century

Livestock Veterinarians Complicit in Animal Abuse

Why Vegans Don't Eat Eggs

The Cult of Protein

Corrupt Weld County, CO, Sheriff's Office Illegally Charges Investigator for Documenting Egregious and Completely Unnecessary Abuse of Calves at Quanah Cattle Co.

The Most Pervasive Form of Animal Cruelty--Animal Agriculture--Will Likely be Exempted from South Dakota's Proposed Felony Upgrade of its Weak Anti-Cruelty Laws

Tyson, Largest U.S. Meat Producer, Announces New Animal Treatment Guidelines but Most are Merely Recommendations, not Requirements

Cruelly, Indiscriminately, and Illegally Killing Millions of Animals a Year as a Taxpayer Funded Pest Management Service for Agribusiness, USDA Wildlife Services is "An Agency Whose Time has Passed"

Meat Industry Will Keep Tweaking Ag-Gag Bills to Disguise Them as Animal Protection Measures

Chicken is One of the Top Sources of Saturated Fat, the Second Leading Source of Cholesterol, and the Primary Source of Cancer-Causing HCAs

Many Ways Meat Causes Colon Cancer

Eid Slaughter in Gaza Described as Worst Animal Cruelty Ever Seen in the Live Export Industry

Unregulated, Unnecessary Slaughter of Animals by Wildlife Services at the Behest of the Livestock Industry Must Stop

Harrowing Footage of Cattle Tortured in the Streets of Gaza while Crowds Cheer

"Horrifying and Nightmarish Abuses of Dairy Cattle" Documented at Wiese Brothers Farm outside Green Bay, WI

Rolling Stone Portrays the Evils of Factory Farming but Swallows the Myth of Humane Animal Agriculture and Overlooks the Dietary Carnage Caused by Meat Consumption

Teenage Animal Rights Activist Kitty Jones Profiled in New Documentary, "The Girl Who Loved Animals"

ALDF Files Appeal Against USDA for Allowing Diseased Animal Organs to be Passed Off as Food

Processed Meats Linked with 44% Increased Risk of Death

In 14-Year Study, Women with Diets High in Meat and Low in Plant Foods had 56% Greater Chance of Developing Diabetes

Horrific Abuse Filmed at West Coast Farms in Oklahoma:  Put These Criminals, including the Owner, Behind Bars Where They Belong

Taking Hypocrisy to a New Level, Bret Mavrich (Christianity Today) Says Killing Animals Connects People with the Goodness of God

In Retaliation Against Whistleblower who Exposed Abuse of Calves at Quanah Cattle Co. in Colorado, Sheriff Files Charges Against Woman who Filmed the Abuse

"Every Time We Buy Meat, Dairy, or Eggs, We are Paying Someone to Inflict Suffering on Our Behalf" --Twila Francois

Fragile Calves, Just Days Old, Violently Dragged by their Legs, Pulled by their Ears, Lifted by their Tails, Kicked, Thrown, Slammed, and Flipped at Quanah Cattle Co. in Kersey, CO

Heartless Slaughterer Rudy Acosta Asks for Reduced Bond Citing Colon Cancer Likely Caused by Eating the Animals he Tortured

The Lack of Legal Protection for Animals in Agriculture Puts the Fox in Charge of the Henhouse

A Lobster's Nervous System Continues to Function Even After the Animal is Dismembered

Israeli Legislator Proposes Bill Allowing Corporations and their Directors, Not Just Lower Level Staff, to be Held Responsible for Animal Abuse

"Animals Raised for Meat, Eggs and Milk in the U.S. Have Long Been Denied any Meaningful Protection [by Law] while Enduring the Most Egregious Forms of Mistreatment at All Stages of Their Lives" --N. Perry & P. Brandt, Michigan Law Review

If You Can Watch These Psychopaths at E6 Cattle Co. in Hart, Texas Without Being Sickened and Enraged, Something is Wrong with You (Warning:  Heinous Cruelty Captured on Video)

Walmart Continues to Support Animal Cruelty at Pipestone Farms

Undercover Investigation of Israeli Slaughterhouse Finds Severe Pattern of Animal Abuse

Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce Soft-Pedals Gross Abuse of Sheep Exported to Jordan for Slaughter and Plans to Scrap Independent Animal Welfare Position Intended to Monitor Treatment of Live Exports

Cruelty Filmed at a Minnesota Pipestone Hog Farm Not an Aberration but Standard Practice, Says Industry

Thousands of Australian Sheep Illegally Sold for Festival of Sacrifice in Kuwait and Jordan

New Jersey Lawmakers Seek to Override Christie's Veto of Statewide Ban on Gestation Crates

Why Supporting "Ethical" Alternatives to Industrial Animal Production Serves the Interests of Big Ag

Nationwide Outbreak of Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella Linked to Overuse of Antibiotics in Factory Farms

Street Artist Bansky Uses Toy Animals to Highlight Animal Cruelty

USDA Meat Inspector Punished for Reporting Inhumane Conditions at Tyson Slaughter Plant

Why is Amazon Supporting Blatant Animal Cruelty that has been Outlawed in Over a Dozen Countries?

Federal Appeals Court Upholds California Ban on Foie Gras

The Face of "Humane" Meat

Against the Will of the People of  New Jersey, Chris Christie Vetoes Ban on Torture Devices

Piglet Leaps from Slaughterhouse Truck, Finds Rescue at Animal Sanctuary

The Cruelty of Whaling

Manager and 3 Employees of Israeli Slaughterhouse Adom Adom Indicted for Using Fists, Electric Prods, Sticks and Forklifts to Abuse Animals that had Fallen, Were Under Stress, or Were Physically Incapable of Moving

Rescued Hens Fly Cross-Country

"Lobsters are Not Sentient Creatures," Claims Attorney Stephen Hayes in Support of Extreme Cruelty in the Lobster Trade.  Lobsters' Sentience is Well Known; Hayes' is Less Evident

Why the Hell Are You Still Eating Animals?

South African Cattle Exporter Bruce Page Vows to Continue Using "One of the Cruellest Methods of Transporting Animals in Existence"

Malnourished Horses with Severe Burns Rescued from Texas Ranch by Meadow Haven Horse Rescue

Ag-Gag Laws Represent Full-Scale Assault on Journalism, Free Speech, and Consumer Rights

Farm Bill Provision Would Wipe Out State Anti-Cruelty Laws

Paul McCartney Narrates PETA Video Glass Walls Documenting the Unspeakable but Routine Brutality of the Meat Industry

Cruelty's Poster Boy, Rep. Steve King, Pushes Farm Bill Amendment Designed to Cripple State Animal Welfare Laws

Deputies Harass Activist Investigating Horse Tripping at Oregon Rodeo

Obama Administration Seeks to Invalidate State Animal Protection Laws

Center for Constitutional Rights Appeals Dismissal of Federal Lawsuit Challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which Turned Traditional Protests into Terrorist Offenses

Wretched Conditions in Factory Farms Breed Disease and Require Overuse of Antibiotics, Producing Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Jim Long, Pork Company CEO, Doesn't Like "Animal Rights Activists Telling Us What to Do."  Like a True Sociopath He Believes He has the Right to Imprison and Slaughter Millions of Other Beings for No Reason except Soulless Greed

Suit Filed Against Utah's Ag-Gag Law that Criminalizes Undercover Reporting and Thwarts Public Debate on Animal Welfare, Labor, Environment and Food Safety

Sexual Assault of Factory Farm Workers Documented at Egg Operation Run by Company that Previously Pleaded Guilty to Animal Cruelty

Why is the Natural Empathy or Sense of Fairness Observed in Other Animals Absent in Many Humans?

Republicans, the Party of Small Government, Sweep the Country with Laws Blocking Citizen and Consumer Rights

In Five States of the U.S., You are a Criminal or a Terrorist if You Expose Animal Abuse, Thanks to the American Legislative Exchange Council and its Corporate Sponsors

Kosher, Halal, or Otherwise, there is no "Humane Slaughter"

Tortured Logic:  Kelli Ludlum of the American Farm Bureau Federation Likens Slaughterhouse Atrocities to Open Heart Surgery

The Technological Hell We've Created for Chickens

Spain and Mexico Begin to Question their Ingrained Tradition of Bullfighting while North American Rodeos, which Kill and Injure Hundreds of Horses and Cattle, Prosper in a Critical Vacuum

Monstrous Brutality Worthy of the Death Penalty Uncovered by Richard Couto at a South Dade Slaughter Farm Run by Leonardo Dumenigo and Yainiel Proenza

Meat Inspectors Fail to Enforce Humane Handling Rules Because their Bosses, More Concerned with Protecting the Meat Industry, Won't Support Them

Juan M. Bazan, Daniel Lombana, and Andre P. Martinez Arrested in Stomach-Turning Animal Abuse Case at VIP Animal Sales in South Miami-Dade After 8-Month Investigation by Animal Recovery Mission

Amanda Hitt Marvels that the Meat Industry, so Regularly Recorded Breaking the Law, "Would then have the Audacity to Come to any State Legislative Body and Say, 'Hey, We're Sick of Getting Caught Doing Crimes.  Could you Do us a Favor and Criminalize Catching Us?'"

Chinese Animal Rights Groups Protest Dog Meat Festival

As Part of its Generous Welfare Package for Cattle Ranchers, the BLM Leases Public Lands Below Market Costs and Rounds Up Wild Horses to be Sold for Slaughter or Moved to Holding Areas at Public Expense

Life in a McDonalds Battery Cage:  Confinement, Immobilization, Frustration of all Natural Instincts, Insanity, Physical Breakdown, Paralysis, Death

While Employment in the Manufacturing Sector has Suppressant Effects on Crime, Slaughterhouse Employment Leads to Rises in Hostility, Arrest Rates, and Violent Crimes

Big Ag Attempts to Create Livestock Board in Massachusetts with Power to Nullify Animal Welfare Legislation

USDA Employee Jamie Olson Still On the Job Eight Months After Posting Photos of Dogs Ripping into Live Coyotes Trapped in Steel Foot-Holds

Australian Government Refuses to Support Live Export Animal Welfare Bill Following Proof of Harrowing Cruelty at Indonesian and Egyptian Abattoirs

Our Strange Relationship with Meat:  Signs of Change

Mercy for Animals Schedules Protests Throughout U.S. Against Walmart's Abuse of Pigs

After Documenting How Fishing Gear Causes Slow Death of Whales, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Still Promoting Fisheries

Australian Magistrate:  Cruelty at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors Sickening and Grossly Inhumane

Hormel's "Spam" Abuses Animals, Poisons Waterways, and Contributes to Nationwide Epidemics of Obesity, Heart Disease and Cancer

25 Cattle Dead and More Than 1000 Starving on Richard Evans' New Mexico Ranch near Fort Sumner

Australia Suspends Cattle Exports to Egypt after Release of Footage Documenting Atrocities in Egyptian Slaughterhouse

Despite the Misleading Packaging, "Olivera's Cage-Free Organic" Eggs are Produced in Factories with No Outdoor Access

David and Paula White Charged with Starving and Burying Dozens of Horses and other Farm Animals in Pleasant Prairie, WI

Charges Dropped Against Amy Meyer, Who Faced Six Months in Jail Under Ag-Gag Law for Taking Photos of Cows from a Public Road

Words Fail to Describe TN Rep. Andy Holt and the Viciousness of his Attacks on Animal Protection Groups

Indiana Legislature Refuses to Pass Bill Criminalizing Investigators Who Expose Livestock Abuse

Flood of Anti-Whistleblower Legislation Aims to Keep Public in the Dark about Rampant Animal Cruelty

A&L Poultry Owners Charged with Abandoning 50,000 Chickens to Starve to Death Near Turlock, CA

Lancaster County, PA, Home to the Largest Livestock Auction East of the Mississippi, Hundreds of Puppy Mills, and Countless Farms Abusing Work Animals, Loses its Only Animal Cruelty Investigator

Big Brother (aka the Meat Industry) Succeeds in Halting Hidden-Camera Animal Cruelty Investigations in Five States

Meat Industry Responds to Years of Evidence of Egregious Animal Cruelty by Attempting to Outlaw Undercover Investigations

In Yet Another Ag-Gag Ploy, New Hampshire Bill Would Effectively Set a 24-Hour Statute of Limitations on Reporting Farm Animal Abuse

Bill Introduced in Massachusetts to Ban Hideously Cruel Battery Cages for Hens

The Real Price of Milk

Ag-Gag Bill in New Hampshire Would Punish Whistleblowers and Suppress Evidence of Abusive Conditions on Industrial Farms

The Unimaginable Horror of Factory Farming

Yes, Animal Abuse Is Standard Industry Practice

Nine Employees at Wyoming Premium Farms Charged with Animal Cruelty for Kicking Piglets like Soccer Balls, Swinging Sick Piglets in Circles by their Hind Legs, and Beating and Kicking Mother Pigs as they Resisted Leaving their Young

Scientists Often Fail to Mention the Most Critical Thing All of Us Can Do to Fight Climate Change

Live Export of Cows to Egypt, Bahrain, and Pakistan Ends in Catastrophe for Animals

Three Muslims Who Bucked the Tide and Chose Vegetarianism

Heart of Darkness:  Extreme Cruelty Documented at Puratone Pig Farm, Arborg, Manitoba

Orthodox Jews Protest Abuses at a Tnuva Slaughterhouse in Israel, Citing Jewish Law Which Prohibits Cruelty to Animals

Israel Investigates Cattle Abuse at Slaughterhouse Owned by Food Manufacturer Tnuva.  Environmental Protection Minister Seeks Transfer of Responsibility for Animal Welfare From Agriculture Ministry Whose Interests are Guided by the Food Industry

Richard Couto's Animal Recovery Mission Reveals Unspeakable Atrocities by Backyard Butchers in Hillsborough County, FL; ALDF Sues on Behalf of Area Residents

Stop Eating Crap:  Feces Taints 50% of Chicken Products in Buffalo, NY Tests

Australia's Largest Supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, Begin Phasing Out Factory Farm Products, While in the U.S., Meat Industries Pass Laws Hiding Animal Cruelty and Threatening Jail Time for Investigators

PETA Sues Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach for Flouting California Ban on Foie Gras, a So-Called Delicacy Produced by the Depraved and Consumed by the Degenerate

Demented Sadist and Government Employee Jamie P. Olson Tortures Trapped Animals to Death and Gets Paid for it by the USDA

Thanks to Mercy for Animals for its Supreme Courage in Unmasking and Documenting the Horrors of Animal Agriculture

Butterball Exposed for Turkey Abuse--Again

Animal Cruelty Rampant in Egypt Where No Laws Regulate Factory Farming or Animal Testing

Rodeo, "Sport" for Animal Abusers

Animal Sacrifice:  Recipe for a Violent Culture

70 Animals Suffer Agony and Death When Improperly Secured Cattle Transport Container Separates and Crashes; No Emergency Veterinary Care Given

Heroic Dog Severely Injured While Saving Children's Lives Was Raised for Food
Vermont's Green Mountain College:  A School Without Ethics

Brutality At Largest Idaho Dairy Exposed

Eric Mills on Mitt Romney, Rodeo Fan, and Paul Ryan, Bowhunter

Under Stress to Produce More Milk, Dairy Cows Show Fewer Signs of Heat, Prompting Use of Intrusive Detection Device

California Lawmakers Pass New Anti-Cruelty Laws

The Horrific Fate of Live Animals Exported to Countries that Have No Laws to Protect Them

Kansas Students React to PETA Slaughterhouse Exhibit

Farmer John Maahs Starves Hundreds of Animals to Death; Mental Evaluation Concludes He "Got Lazy"

Protests Grow Against Walmart for Supporting Confinement of Pigs in Tiny, Filthy Gestation Crates on Factory Farms

USDA Resumes Buying Meat for School Lunches from Hanford, CA Slaughterhouse Less Than Two Weeks After It Was Closed for Extreme Cruelty ... And Still No Mention of Criminal Prosecution

In Clear-Cut Violation of Free Speech, Federal Judge J. Thomas Marten Rules Kansas State Fair Can Hide Animal Slaughter Film from Public View

Funded by Big Ag, Congressmen Nunes, McCarthy, and Denham Move to Criminalize Industry Watchdogs, Calling Animal Abuse Investigations Terrorism

Farmed Animal Sanctuaries Make Progress in Lawsuit Against A&L Poultry Where 50,000 Hens Were Abandoned to Die of Starvation in Stanislaus County, CA

Kansas State Fair Restricts Public Viewing of Documentary on Animal Slaughter; PETA Sues

State Animal Health Director Dr. Sarah Mason and Butterball Worker Brian Douglas Plead Guilty in North Carolina Factory Farm Abuse

Meat Industry Busy Making Public Scrutiny Impossible

Brainless, Heartless, Gutless Congressmen Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, and Jeff Denham Seek to Reopen Hanford, CA Slaughterhouse (See Below) After Horrific Atrocities that Warrant Permanent Closure and Prison Terms for its Operators

Dairy Cows Shocked, Suffocated, Shot, and Lifted by One Leg While Still Conscious at Central Valley Meat in Hanford, CA, a Supposedly USDA Inspected Supplier of Beef to USDA Food Programs

Public Health Director Holly Coleman Sees No Cruelty After Previously Convicted Animal Abuser David Watts Again Found With Numerous Sick and Dead Livestock

In Audio Interview, Jenny Brown Talks About the Abuse of Animals Used for Food and Her Decision to Go Vegan

North Dakota Farmers Oppose Outlawing Aggravated Cruelty to Cats, Dogs and Horses Such As Burning, Suffocating, and Beating to Death

KFC's Tainted Legacy of Rainforest Destruction, Animal Cruelty

300,000 Hens Die From Heat at Rose Acre Farms in Indiana

Not Satisfied With Releasing His Murderous Venom on Billions of Chickens Far More Intelligent Than He Is, Chick-Fil-A's Pious President Dan Cathy Needs More Scapegoats

Three Angels Farms Horse Slaughter Transport Still Operating After Numerous Violations and Wrecks

Farmer Admits Dragging Donkey Behind Tractor

Extreme Cruelty Revealed at Walmart Pork Supplier

Restaurants Put Perverted Tastes and Profits Above Law

House Farm Bill Amendment Threatens State Animal Welfare, Food Safety, Environmental Laws

WMD Award:  World's Most Despicable Abuser of the Month is Philippe Martin, Slimy Huckster for France's Barbaric Foie Gras Industry

Philip Wollen Shakes the Rafters with Blazing Animal Rights Speech

One Disgruntled Rancher Convinces Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Rep. Peggy Judd, and Entire State Legislature to Pass Exemption from Dog Anti-Cruelty Laws

How Kids Can Make a Difference for Farm Animals

Bob Barker on the Calgary Stampede Rodeo:  "Close it Down"

Duck Torture Industry Sues To Strike Down California Ban on Foie Gras

Industry Hacks Pose as "Center for Consumer Freedom"

Veterinarian Rails Against AVMA, Rodeo, Livestock Mishandling, High Priced Vets, and Treating Animals as Income-Producing Objects

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Won't Act on Graphic Undercover Slaughter Footage

Single Slaughterhouse Shut Down--What About the Other 5,700?

Ag-Gag Laws Threaten Newsgathering

Animal Abuse at California Livestock Auction House

Undercover Investigation Documents Pig Abuse at Tyson Supplier

Chefs Shove Cruelty Down Public's Throat

Much Unknown on Rare Strain of Mad Cow Disease

Cruel Boss Still Works at Dairy Farm

Animal Abuse in Factory Farms is the Norm, Not the Exception

Legislators Subvert Constitution to Shield Agribusiness from Whistleblowers